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Back to class from 21th, September 2020

For the academic year 2020-2021, first-semester classes will resume in attendance starting from September 21, 2020, complying with all safety measures aimed at ensuring social distancing.
In case it is not possible to satisfy the total need of teaching hours in attendance, the remaining hours can be provided in “blended” or remote mode.
If necessary, lectures will be available online to allow students to attend their classes syncronously or asyncronously
Students with disabilities can agree on personalized teaching methods through the Disability Service and DSA.
All scheduled exams will be delivered through telecommunication. All professors will provide all the details on their web pages in accordance with the guidelines presented by the University Senate on 28 of April 2020. All information and the guidelines are available on the University website.
Graduation exams
All scheduled graduation sessions will be held in person, complying with all safety measures to ensure social distancing.
Faculty office hours
Students are allowed to attend faculty office hours in person, online and by telephone. If the office hours are held in person, they must take place during the opening hours set by each University department. All office hours are by appointment only and must comply with all safety measures to ensure social distancing.
International and exchange students
International students will be able to resume teaching activities according to the guidelines that will be issued by the Internationalization Area. “150-hour” part-time activity and Senior tutor
All the part-time jobs (so-called “150 hours”) and tutoring activities (University Senior Tutor) can be held in person from September 1, 2020 in full compliance with all safety and social distancing measures. In accordance with the assignment structure and in the presence of motivated organizational needs, it is also allowed to carry out the above mentioned activities with remote modalities.
Workshops and traineeships
Workshops will take place in person both inside and outside the University.
The same activities can also be carried out remotely where there are motivated organizational needs of the teaching structure or if the student is unable to attend in person due to the health emergency.
New internships in person will be authorized only if the host institution can guarantee all the precautionary measures promulgated by the competent authorities in order to limit the spread of Covid-19. In agreement with the host institution, the possibility of activating the internship by means of distance learning can be maintained.
Reading rooms and Library Loan
From September 1, 2020, access to the reading rooms of the Educational Library at the CASB, of the Legal Library at the Department of Law, of the Library of the Department of Humanities and of the Library of Law and Criminal Procedure at the Garibaldi Plexus is allowed, on the days and at the times established with specific organizational determinations, by pre-booking the seat electronically and in full compliance with the security measures.
All the other reading rooms will open gradually on the same conditions as above.
The library loan service is active in all the libraries of the University, subject to online booking, on the days and times established with specific organizational determinations.
The online library services will be available according to the instructions published on the University’s institutional website.

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