How to complete your online application to UniMC

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Here is a guide to help you through your application to the University of Macerata.

NOTICE: the application process for pre-admission to the University of Macerata is held exclusively through the official University channels by following the procedure explained on our website:
No intermediaries are authorised to manage the pre-admission procedure, which is the exclusive competence of the relevant office of the University of Macerata.

BEFORE starting your online application:

  • Read carefully the official information regarding the preliminary evaluation (pre-admission) for international students, available here.
  • Read carefully the programme outline on the application portal for each degree programme you are interested in: find out the relevant details, such as the programme’s level, duration and structure, language of instruction, entry and language requirements, and career opportunities. Consult the complete list of our degree programmes here*
  • For the preliminary evaluation for pre-admission, the following documents are mandatory: passport (if not available at this stage, local ID card can be accepted); CV/resume; entry qualifications (i.e., high school diploma, proof of national examination, if any, bachelor’s degree diploma, diploma supplement – provisional documents are taken into consideration only at this stage); transcript of records (for applicants of master’s degree programmes); proof of language proficiency, according to the medium of instruction of the selected study program.
  • At this stage, even last-year students (high school or undergraduate) are allowed to apply for a preliminary evaluation; in this case, provisional documents are accepted for the preliminary evaluation. Transcripts of records and registration certificates are required.
  • Don’t miss the deadlines for the pre-admission intakes! There are different application rounds (intakes) during which you can apply; the choice of one over another does not interfere with the evaluation outcome which is rather based on the candidates’ fulfilment of the specific admission requirements and the appropriateness of the application. However, we recommend you don’t wait until the last minute because the process is quite lengthy – although you don’t need to complete the application all at once: consult the intakes’ calendar, and take the time you need to complete the application and make a good impression, it will make a difference!

DURING the application process:

  • You can only register on the portal once by entering your e-mail address: do not register with multiple addresses; duplicates will be cancelled.
  • Once registered, you can only submit a single application for as many as two (2) different degree programmes.
  • We only accept colour digital copies of your original documents in PDF format.
  • If your entry qualification documents are not in English or Italian, you must provide English or Italian translations: at this stage, unofficial translations are also accepted.
  • Please upload only the documents required as indicated in your online application. Any unrequired documentation will not be taken into account during the evaluation of your application.
  • NOTICE: Submission of falsified papers or details implies the rejection of the application at any moment.
  • You don’t need to submit evidence of Italian language proficiency if:
    a) you are an Italian mother-tongue student, as established by the Italian Ministry of University and Research.
    b) you apply for a study programme taught English.
  • Record the specific online interview: by registering at the portal and selecting the programmes of your interest, you receive an e-mail containing a link to start a guided procedure to record an online interview. Within the interview, you will be asked to answer specific questions (you will know them before starting to record the video) on the motivations of your application and to record short videos (max duration: 60 up to 90 seconds per video). Please make sure to comply with the required system settings and to record the videos properly; you have max 3 attempts per question before submitting each video-answer. Be ready to introduce yourself outstandingly! IMPORTANT! DO NOT submit your application before completing the interview. If you fail to submit your interview before the intake deadline, your application will be automatically rejected. If you submit your application on the last day of the deadline: make sure to record your interview BEFORE submitting your application because no extra days will be allowed to record it after the intake deadline. The deadline for submitting your interview is the deadline of the intake, regardless of the 10-day deadline set automatically by the portal.
  • Get a reference: invite a teacher, advisor or professional who knows you academically to submit a written recommendation through the portal. To assure the reference’s confidentiality, we will send a reference invitation to the e-mail address that you supply. The referee will be able to fill in the evaluation online. You will be notified when the reference is submitted. However, you will not be able to see it. You must have provided a reference invitation within your application before submitting it.
  • The ‘Save’ button allows you to save your application and make changes as you work on it over time.

WHILE submitting your application:

  • Use the “Submit” button only after you have completed all fields of the application, uploaded all the required documents, and recorded the online interview.
  • Only submitted on-schedule and properly completed applications will be examined2: applications with statuses such as “reopened”, “prepared”, “inactive”, “blank” or “blocked” will not be considered for the evaluation; incomplete applications will remain pending (status “feedback”) until completion by the set terms.
  • NOTICE: Submission of falsified details or unauthentic documents implies the rejection of the application at any moment.

AFTER submitting your application:

  • Regularly check the inbox of the e-mail address you provided during registration and pay attention to the feedback and requests for further actions you will receive.
  • The outcome of the pre-evaluation is communicated by e-mail after the deadline of each intake, so please check the intakes’ calendar.
  • In case of eligibility, a pre-admission letter is included in the above-mentioned communication; such letter is sent after the deadline of the intake in which a candidate has applied. Please consider that the relevant committee will work on the evaluation after the intake has closed, therefore you can expect to wait at least two weeks after the deadline to receive a pre-admission letter.
  • If additional information or documents are needed for the pre-evaluation of your application, you will receive our feedback via e-mail, so be sure to provide what is requested by the given deadline.
  • NOTICE: Submission of falsified details or unauthentic documents implies the rejection of the application at any moment.


  1. Consult our FAQs for international prospective students here
  2. Get in touch with us by e-mail:

Other useful sources

  • For information on admission and enrollment procedures established by UniMC for international students, please consult attentively our UniMC website
  • For information on the annual procedures for entry, residency and enrollment of international students and the respective recognition of qualifications for HE courses in Italy, please consult the relative provisions published every year on the website of the Italian Ministry of University and Research (available in Italian and English).
  • For general information on the admission and enrollment procedures at the Italian HEI, please visit the Study in Italy portal

29 Feb 2024