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Are you an international prospective student? Consult our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section to find the answers to your questions about studying and living in Macerata.

Studying abroad is easily imagined as a wonderful experience for personal growth, and evokes in our minds unforgettable moments and meetings.
Not everything is always so simple: planning your studies in another country requires time, close attention to details and deadlines, and energy; moreover, once abroad you find yourself facing new challenges without the support of family and friends in an often unknown environment (speaking a different language from your native one!).

To allow international prospective students to get useful and relevant information about UniMC, such as:

- study programmes
- admission process
- enrollment process
- tuition fees, waivers, scholarships
- services for international students
- accommodation opportunities

a webpage collecting the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) has been created on our website: you are all welcome to visit it to find the answers to your questions about studying and living in Macerata.

Click here to consult our FAQs for international prospective students and save the link.

Please consult it regularly for any possible updates and changes. Moreover, prospective students already admitted are suggested to keep control of their inboxes for any relevant communication from the UniMC offices.

Do you have further questions? Contact us: prospective.student@unimc.it