Entry knowledge verification through TOLC for all applicants for bachelor's degree programs

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Information about the TOLCCISIA OnLine Test for the assessment of entry knowledge of students wishing to enrol in bachelor’s degree programs at the University of Macerata

Starting from a.y. 2023/2024, all students wishing to enroll in the three-year bachelor’s or single-cycle master’s degree programs offered by the University of Macerata must take the TOLCs: TOLC is the acronym for CISIA OnLine Test.

With the TOLC, entry knowledge is verified before enrolment. The set of abilities subject to verification depend on the chosen study program.

At the University of Macerata, the TOLC is not considered as a selection test, since all our bachelor’s degree programs and the single-cycle master’s degree program in “Law” are free-access.

If the result obtained in the TOLC is lower than certain minimum thresholds, it is possible to enrol, but an Additional Learning Requirement (so called OFA) will be assigned.

For further details, please consult carefully the following pages of the University website:

Please visit also the website of the bachelor’s degree program(s) of your interest for further information – go to the list.