Authentic Italian Experience | 4th edition a.y. 2023/2024

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An introductory online course to the Italian language and culture offered by the University of Macerata in the Summer of 2023

Authentic Italian Experience
An introductory online course offered by the University of Macerata in the Summer of 2023

For the 4th year, the University of Macerata provides its prospective international students with an unmissable chance to familiarise themselves with the Italian language and culture.

This free 20-hour online course is very appreciated by our students and will give you a glimpse into the lifestyle of this vibrant and lively country.

Why study Italian?
Because studying in the “Belpaese” also means knowing a little of its musical language, because Italian is fun and not that hard, and because everybody loves Italy.
Through engaging cultural topics, our great Professor Francesco Nati will take you on a short but exciting ride that will teach you how to get by in everyday situations.
No technical explanations, no grammar drills, just something light and easy to remember!

The course will touch on the following topics:
1. Famous Italian products and people; greetings in Italian
2. Some information about Italy and Macerata
3. Different venues, coffee culture, famous Italian dishes
4. Buying groceries and doing simple cooking
5. Daily life and habits in Italy
6. Finding your way at university
7. Finding your way in town
8. Houses and living in Italy, finding accommodation
9. Shopping for clothes and shoes
10. Talking about work

This course is English-taught and divided into ten 2-hour live-streaming classes, which will be held online (you will need a webcam and a microphone).

Course duration and schedule: 26 July – 05 August 2023, from 2 PM to 4 PM (CEST).

Further details will be shared soon, for updates visit this link

Ciao! See you soon!

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