Publication of the 2024/2025 "Procedures for entry, residency, enrolment of international students and the respective recognition of qualifications, for Higher Education courses, in Italy"

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The pre-enrolment procedure on UNIVERSITALY for the academic year 2024/2025 is open.

The “Procedures for entry, residency, enrollment of international students and the respective recognition of qualifications, for Higher Education courses, in Italy”, valid for the academic year 2024/2025, have been published and the relative pre-enrolment procedure on UNIVERSITALY ( is open.

The full version of the document can be consulted here: The English version of the document and the relative attachments will be available for consultation as soon as possible.

The document establishes the conditions, for international students, to apply for admission, pre-enrolment and enrolment at Italian Universities in the academic year 2024/2025; it sets the start of the procedure of pre-enrolment on the official portal of the Italian Ministry of University and Research’s UNIVERSITALY for the subsequent application for the visa for study reasons in Italy at the relevant Italian Diplomatic Missions abroad.
To learn the 10-steps-path to Study in Italy, please visit:

The pre-enrolment procedure is entirely online and available on the ministerial portal UNIVERSITALY:


Only candidates who have been evaluated and pre-admitted to a study programme offered by the University of Macerata in the academic year 2024/2025 (those who have received the so-called “pre-admission letter”) can apply for the pre-enrolment through UNIVERSITALY:

[1.] Register on Universitaly:

[2.] Fill in the application form for the academic year 2024/2025:
2.a. Select the University of Macerata and the study programme you have been pre-admitted to (undergraduate/bachelor’s degree = laurea or postgraduate/master’s degree = laurea magistrale);
2.b. Upload only the following documentation:
+ Passport.
+ Final school diploma (bachelor applicants) or final degree diploma (master applicants) and the relative translation into English or Italian.
NOTICE: Those who have not submitted the final diploma during the pre-admission step must integrate their pre-enrolment application as soon as possible and no later than the established deadline to conclude the visa procedures (29 November 2024).
Note for bachelor applicants only: if the school diploma was issued after a period inferior to 12 years of study, provide one of the following: a transcript of records showing you have completed one or two years of academic studies or a post-secondary qualification or a certificate showing you have completed a Foundation Course; these documents should also be officially translated into English or Italian.
Note 2 for bachelor applicants only: if provided for in the country where the qualification has been achieved, a certificate showing you have passed the relevant university entrance exam (e.g., YKS-Yükseköğretim Kurumları Sınavı in Turkey, Vestibular or Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio in Brazil, Gao Kao in China etc.), legalized and submitted with an official translation in Italian.
+ The final transcript of records and the relative translation into English or Italian.
+ If one has any, Declaration of Value, or CIMEA certificate, or (only for the master applicants) Diploma Supplement.
+ Proof of language knowledge, English or Italian, based on the medium of instruction of the selected study programme. For applicants of Italian-taught programmes: those who do not submit a certificate of Italian language proficiency must sit an online assessment test delivered by the Language Centre of the University of Macerata in summer 2024 (further details will be provided in duly time to the interested candidates).
Please do not upload: pre-admission letter (UniMC will upload it), CV, references or recommendation letters
2.c. Specify the local Italian diplomatic authority where to apply for the visa.

[3.] The University of Macerata verifies the completeness and the pertinence of the submitted pre-enrolment applications regularly: please expect a little additional time from the date of submission to get a response to your pre-enrolment application.
In case of validation, the pre-enrollment application is sent automatically to the relevant Italian diplomatic authority, where the candidate must refer for the subsequent application for the visa for study reasons in Italy.
Pre-enrolled candidates can download the pre-enrolment summary in PDF format from their profile on UNIVERSITALY.

NOTICE: The University of Macerata does not manage the pre-enrolment portal UNIVERSITALY. Please contact directly the UNIVERSITALY Help Desk for technical support:

PLEASE MIND: the pre-enrolment application is aimed at the subsequent request for a visa for study reasons at Italian Universities: the visa application procedure is exclusively in the competence of the local Italian diplomatic authorities, establishing the related modalities and terms.

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